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Dear Coach
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Dear Coach

Thank you for taking the time to investigate the benefits of the Washington Cultural Exchange opportunities available to you and your athletes. My perspective for these comments is a result as Chair of USA Track & Field National Cultural Exchange Committee, a member of the Board of Directors of Washington Cultural Exchange and a staff member who has traveled with the WCE program on several occasions.

The WCE program is the yard stick by which all cultural exchange programs in our nation is measured. This program is one of the outstanding achievements of the Inland Northwest Association and Pacific Northwest Associations of USA Track & Field. Through cooperative efforts, these associations have proudly lead young athletes worldwide for 17 years.

Athletes and coaches participating in WCE cultural exchange have the opportunity to forge friendships with athletes throughout the USA who travel with our group and engage in first class international competition throughout the world. Our participants have personally witnessed the transformation of China to a world power and competitor in the world’s markets. They have participated in the hand over of Hong Kong by the British to the Chinese. They have felt the pride of the Chinese athlete during this event. Our teams have visited Olympic venues in Korea, stayed with families in their homes in Japan and have competed in provincial Olympic training sites in mainland China.

The position of the State of Washington in dealing with Pacific Rim nations has opened doors unapprochable by other orgainzations. The associations and networks resulting from that position has resulted in a rich and deverse program of cultural and athletic opportunities for athletes and coaches engaging in WCE Opportunities.

Interest in the program may be addressed through the WCE website at www.wce.org. Website updates include links to Hong Kong and China including hotels and also to Japan and Spain.

WCE has recently acted as host for Japanese teams traveling to the State of Washington. Our athletes and coaches have had the opportunity to open their homes to the Japanese and have day to day activities as well as competition with them. The spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood generated by these exchanges gives participants a spirit of international cooperation that is universally treasured.

Please consider the outstanding opportunities afforded the student athlete by this exciting program and return the enclosed recommendation form as well as your coaching applications promptly.

Very truly yours,
Jim Murphy
Chair-Cultural Exchange Committee USA Track & Field