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WCE President, Jerry Joyce

In Memory of Jerry

Jerry was President of Washington Cultural Exchange and the cornerstone of our program in it's early years. A teacher and world traveler he wrote many of the program ideals and guidelines for WCE. His guide on Writing an Effective Travel Journal has been handed to more than 8,000 WCE Travelers. His photography was spectacular and many of the pictures on our web site and in our slide show were taken by Jerry. More important was his gift for working with people. Jerry made each person he met feel like a family member and he passed his joy for life to everyone he met. He continued to correspond with friends he had met in Japan, China, and Vietnam through the years.

Jerry was the Head Coach for the first WCE Delegation of 83 members, which traveled to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China in December 1986. Jerry led 16 different delegations overseas. Jerry led the first trip to Japan for WCE with the FIUTS Program at the University of Washington. His most recent travel success was taking a WCE Site Inspection Tour of Vietnam and months later leading our first Student Delegation to Vietnam. Jerry's last trip abroad with Students was Japan in 2000.

While President of WCE Jerry was also a science teacher at Puyallup High School and a very successful Cross Country and Track Coach.

Jerry Joyce 1940 – 2004