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WCE Director, Jim Zatloukal

In Memory of Jim

Jim was Director of Washington Cultural Exchange from it's inception in 1986. He had previously been an English Teacher and a successful Cross Country and Track Coach for many years. At Redmond High School his teams won a state championship in Cross Country in 1985 and a state championship in Track in 1987 along with numerous other titles.

Jim loved teaching and coaching while he did it and he loved being Director Washington Cultural Exchange! He led many groups to China for WCE and was also fortunate to be able to travel to South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and France for WCE. He was very proud of WCE and believed it was a wonderful program for students. While Director of WCE over 8,000 students, teachers and parents traveled abroad.

Jim had friends all over the world thanks to his travel with WCE and also hosting teams from abroad. His loss is felt by people in places all over the world.

Jim Zatloukal 1949 – 2012