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Guangzhou Updates (Visits to Seattle and Other News)

2012 WCE August Vietnam/Cambodia Trip Report

We will post emails and pictures for the August Adult Vietnam/Cambodia Trip as we receive them!!! Encourage your friends to view the WCE Web Site and follow the trip!!!

2012 WCE Skyline HS Vietnam/Cambodia Trip Report

8/01/2012 Wednesday Seattle Our WCE Adult Vietnam/Cambodia Delegation led by Mrs. Susan Jackson (EJHS Staff) and Mrs. Dorris Cronrath (WCE Board) will depart from Seattle, transfer planes in Incheon, and arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our Delegation will stay in Hanoi with guided tours (an overnight on Ha Long Bay one of the top World Heritage Sites in the World, a one-hour pedal cab ride through the Old Quarter of Hanoi, watch an amazing water puppet show, and more); stay in Hoi An with guided tours (a visit to the Danang Street Program in Danang, a one-hour bicycle ride through nearby villages, and more); stay in Ho Chi Minh City with guided tours (a visit to the Former Presidential Palace, Cathedral & Post Office, and more); stay in Siem Reap with guided tours (explore the Angkor complex one of the great archaeological sites in the world and the spiritual heart and identity of the Khmer people including Angkor Wat its most famous temple, observe a sunset from the top of Phnom Bakheng, a visit to Chong Khneas Elementary School, and more); and a stay in Phnom Penh with guided tours (explore the magnificent Silver Pagoda with its Golden Buddha and Emerald Buddha and the National Museum); and much much more. Visit this page for updates, emails, and pictures!

2011 WCE Mercer Island HS Vietnam Trip Pictures

WCE Reminder:

If you receive an exciting email or picture from one of our delegation members, please forward the email or picture to the Washington Cultural Exchange Office and we will post it! Our email address is start@wce.org.